I myself am not a player of League of Legends, but with the huge fanbase, it is difficult not to regularly get something from the perils within the League-community. Now that one of the mods has also posted an open letter to parents on the official forum, I would like to comment on this, because there is a fundamental problem that League of Legends suffers from.


That is that people are involved. No matter how you turn it or turn, if everything in the game depends on the interaction between people, things go wrong and tensions arise. Especially when you look at the circumstances of League of Legends. It sets itself up as a competitive game, in which winning or losing depends on the degree of cooperation between all players within a team. Many players are therefore looking to climb the rankings and not so much to enjoy a casual game. That is also an option, but not what the game is built around. It sees itself as an eSport beacon of light, but at the same time developer Riot Games praises it as a game for everyone. But they go wrong there.

You can not be hardcore and casual at the same time. You have to put your focus on something, or you will bump people. Riot Games encourages the players to be as sporty as possible, and that is certainly admirable, but that is a measure to counteract a side effect and not the main problem. More and more I hear players from League talk about the “toxicity” of the community. With this they mean the way in which they react to disconnects, afk (away from keyboard) and lag and the often associated losses, because a team lacks one or more players. I can fully imagine that the cunt is to be sewn by something like that, but if that is as easy as possible, there is something wrong with the circumstances and not just the players.

Address the real problem

Do you want people who are purely for the competition to keep it to their liking? Fine, something for everyone, but screen off that part of your game for the serious candidates. Set an age limit, punish fraud with permabans and make sure that players first have to come through a trial period of thirty pots (I say something). If they do not play seriously enough, they can not advance to the competitive part and they stay in a casual purgatory. In this context, they may need League of Legends elo boosters.