Whenever game developers remake games that were really popular, many things can happen. Sometimes there is a hands-off approach that preserves as much as possible. In other cases, the original is practically ignored and a new game created. The Resident Evil 2 remake appears 21 years after the original launched for PlayStation. It is a radical remake, offering a terrifying, intense experience. Capcom practically rebuilt everything and the game seems pretty modern while being able to preserve as much as is needed to make it feel like a tribute to the original. According to reviewers, the game is now the very best in the entire Resident Evil series.

Capcom learned from its previous remake attempt for the original Resident Evil. Although graphics and gameplay were clearly improved, the result was a game that was pretty similar to the original one. This is definitely not the case with Resident Evil 2.

This game remake respects the outlines of the original’s plot, expanding beyond the creepy mansion. You end up in a city that is overrun by horrible monsters. There is a clear focus put on action but there are still puzzles you have to solve. You will spend most of the game time inside a police station as you look for objects and work hard to open locked doors.

What is particularly interesting with the Resident Evil 2 remake is that we do have just as much retro appeal to make fans interested while also getting a really modern feel. We are looking at the Resident Evil game that is by far the scariest, all possible because of the huge overhaul that happened. The simple action of plotting a route through environments is tense and resources are so scarce that you need to think about how many shotgun shells you can actually use.

Speaking about the script, it is clearly improved. Voice acting is a lot better, adding a lot to the atmosphere that is created. Then, there are many optional puzzles and paths that you can take. Although the game is mostly linear and you can finish it in under 10 hours, if you just want to finish you miss out on a lot of the story. You will be able to finish the campaign version as Claire or Leon. Then you can play another version with the other character. The story is different and content is different. Items are moved around so what you knew from the first run will not apply. You can thus replay the game to unlock new content and still have a lot of fun, all while being scared, of course.

In conclusion, Resident Evil 2 Remake is definitely interesting. If you were a fan of the original, you will surely love it. Even if you did not play the original, you will, most likely, enjoy the experience created. This is a game that can be replayed and that will keep you glued to the screen if you give it a chance, unless you are easily scared.